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April - May 2012

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Comedy Webb Presents 

Lindsay Webb



There are a lot of types that make the world go around. Humanity is a look at the way humans live in this world, through the eyes of a comedian that has seen a lot of different people in a lot of different places. If you enjoy observing other people then you are a human that will enjoy this show.

**** Herald Sun

**** The List, UK

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Showing In:



Sat 28 April &
Wed 2 May - Sat 5 May, 10pm


Vault at Q, Auckland


Adults $25.00
Conc. $22.00
Groups 6+ $22.00* service fees may apply


09 309 9771

Show Duration:

1 hour

Critics Review

Erin Michael,'Star rating: **** “Lindsay weaves a golden Webb”.'open/close
It takes a confident comedian to rate their own performance with stars after stumbling across a reviewer in the audience.

According to Lindsay Webb, his latest show is worthy of a string of fours stars under the accompanying headline “Lindsay weaves a golden Webb”.

But the intimate crowd – who could be forgiven for assuming they’d be in for a barrage of stale dad jokes with a show titled Pundamonium – doesn’t need convincing. Their choruses of laughter speak louder than words.

Webb, somewhat a stage veteran with more than a decade of experience at the mic, comes across as every bit the loveable larrikin in his 55-minute set.

As he quips, “if you’re into puns, you’ll be into this show”, but if you’re also into giggling until your cheeks hurt and wiping tears of joy from your eyes, you’ll probably be into it too.

Webb is fearless and it’s clear from the get-go he is surprisingly most comfortable when molding his act around an interrogating ping-pong dialogue between himself and his fans.

Show-goers converse with the comic, bravely revealing detail of their nine to five and spouse (or lack thereof), but fall victim to one of Webb’s off-the-cuff remarks and are left marvelling at his instant wit.

The set is riddled with puns from beginning to end - usually followed by Webb’s trademark chuckle.

Webb is true to his forte and unashamedly says he lives by the pun, despite being aware it can be “comedy’s lowest denominator”.

There's no room to “pardon the pun” here, with the clever inclusions dropped in just about every sentence of stand-up as well as - most impressively – Webb’s on-the-spot interaction with onlookers.

But there is more on offer than the occasional crack at plumbers, being hung up on by Telstra call-centre reps or dealing with poker players.

Webb willingly ponders the tough questions in life, such as “How did someone discover cows milk tasted good?... Just WHAT were they thinking?”

Then there’s his belief drugs and alcohol are a cheaper alternative to IVF and water births are nothing more than “reverse fishing”.

Webb proves he’s no stranger to the stage, reflected also by his Guinness World Record for the longest stand-up routine by an individual, with a ridiculous 38-hour effort.

Pundamonium is the type of act usually coughed up by search engine, but after laughing out loud at regular intervals during the show, you will be thankful you took the risk.

Catch him while you can.

Ian Bell, ShortBack&Sides'Every now and again you come across a stand up who is head and shoulders above the pack'open/close
I see a lot of stand up comedy. A lot. Much of it is okay to very good, much of it is patchy, with good bits and not so good bits. Every now and again you come across a stand up who is head and shoulders above the pack. A comedian who is in complete control of his material and his audience, who interacts with people and takes the show in unexpected directions and is consistently funny for their whole set. A comedian who writes great gags, who is extremely likeable on stage and who can break up an entire room with a single facial gesture or even a pause. A comedian who is at the very top of their game. Lindsay Webb is such a comedian. This Brisbane comedian is nothing short of a complete pleasure from start to finish. He has great jokes that catch you off guard. Great timing and the fact that something like 14 Fringe judges came to see his show (the average is four) means he is a good contender to be walking away with some of this years Fringe Awards. If you can still get tickets you'll be glad you did!

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