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April - May 2012

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Raybon Kan

Raybon Kan Is Completely Uncalled For


For one Imperial Hour, sepia-toned soliloquist Raybon Kan recites nonsensical non-sequiturs, for the delectation of your cognitive dissonance. Esteemed author of such political pottery as ‘The Official Mug of Non-Racism’ (Available Only in White); and lyricist of ‘Do They Know It’s Ramadan?’, Raybon once again slaps a crisply-ironed glove across the privileged cheek of rectitude; and jousts helmetless against the forces of Conservatism, King & Country. Zounds and Gadzooks! Tally-Ho!

“Actually quite good” The Dominion Post


Showing In:

Auckland Wellington


Fri 11- Sat 12 May, 7pm


Comedy Chamber, Auckland


Adults $25.00
Conc. $22.50
Groups 6+ $19.50* service fees may apply


0800 289 842

Show Duration:

1 hour

Critics Review

Tash McGill, Auckland Scene'This is must-see, nerve-wrenching, white-knuckle comedy that tackles all those things your mother told you never to talk about at the dinner table'open/close
Let’s be honest here – most comedians who claim to be controversial and potentially offensive, well they’re just not, when it’s all done under the guise of comedy and quite convincingly so! So when Raybon Kan’s performance last night actually managed to drive people from their seats? Well, colour me impressed! Genuinely, seriously impressed.

Despite his boyish look and earnest manner as he paces the stage, Kan handled the crowd, the interjections and the slightly awkward moment with aplomb, despite that it threatened to overtake the show. He handled it so well, you could be forgiven for thinking that perhaps the walk-out was in fact, a stage-out!

For starters, Kan is endearingly sincere and he cares a lot. About a lot of things. Like the planet and human rights. In fact, he went to pains to point out exactly how thoughtful you have to be as a comedian, to demonstrate your deep level of caring no matter who the audience is. But, despite his best attempts at remaining compassionate to the core, Kan can’t (hehe, snigger) help but rattle the cages of the most conservative with his poignant observations of the human race.

It all started with a seemingly innocuous tweet amongst hundreds, when the master transport plan for Auckland (hehe, snigger) failed on the opening night of the Rugby World Cup, leaving thousands stranded. One little tweet exploded into a poorly worded NZ Herald piece and an unfortunate quote, leading to hundreds of email complaints and eventually, a brilliant little comedy piece last night, only spoiled by someone else’s lack of sense of humour! Perhaps they should have gone to James Keating’s GSOH and learned all about it.

Someone once described themselves to me as ‘the thinking woman’s crumpet’, a term I’ve never had use for til now – when I can say Raybon Kan is the thinking woman’s comedian, elegant with occasional bursts of surprising song (you’ll enjoy it, I promise), scintillating wit and diplomacy. Which is really quite the package. Don’t be put off by the hecklers, “remember it’s all a joke, a joke, just a joke” and you’ll have a great night!

This is must-see, nerve-wrenching, white-knuckle comedy that tackles all those things your mother told you never to talk about at the dinner table: religion, sex and politics (for a Wellingtonian, Kan cares quite a lot about Auckland politics and John Banks).

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