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April - May 2012

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Brendhan Lovegrove

Bury Me Happy

sold out

I was born in Geneva in 1971, the first 18 years of my life were fairly uneventful, until I left school and discovered Bourbon & Coke.

Star of TV2’s A Night At The Classic, seven-time winner of NZ Best Male Comedian; and arguably the most dangerously talented stand-up comedian in NZ. This show delivers a rare glimpse into the life, times & struggles of alcohol and sobriety, women and comedy through the bottom of a spirit glass and beyond.

My name is Brendhan Lovegrove and this is my story.

“Brendhan Lovegrove is superbJB Hi Fi

”The smartest comic working in NZ right now” James Murray, TV3 News


Showing In:



Tue 8 - Sat 12 May, 8:45pm


Loft at Q, Auckland


Adults $27.00
Conc. $25.00
Groups 10+ $25.00* service fees may apply


09 309 9771

Show Duration:

1 hour

Critics Review

Darren Bevan -'"A surprise from the mirth-master and rogeuish charmer, who's simply blistering this year and once again, on fire"'open/close
There's just something irrepressible about Mr Lovegrove.

His caustic wit and straight to the point attitude has been tearing up the comedy scene for a long time - and he's been brought to wider audiences thanks to the brilliance of comedy show A Night At The Classic (returning later this year we're promised).

So, a new show called Bury Me Happy is a welcome sight on the comedy festival circuit for one of the seasoned pros.

But if you think he's mellowing as time goes on, you'd be dead wrong (aside from one moment of sincerity at the end of the show).

A raucous crowd gave as good as they got on opening night at Auckland's Loft at Q and Lovegrove lapped it up as he talked about jealousies over the success of the Conchords and the Nek Minnit guy, how people dislike things on Youtube, the Occupy movements and a smattering of (literal) toilet humour.

That's the thing with Brendhan though - thanks to such a motormouth delivery, he can cover so much and with such sheer quick wit, you really do need to keep up.

But the rewards are plentiful - every zinger he dispensed last night hit the target, regardless of whether it was PC or otherwise. Nostalgic look backs at phones, worries over getting old and alcoholism all got a mention - and each one in a hysterically funny way and each one in a way which leaves you collapsed with laughter.

Brendhan's an effortless pro and a consummate pro; he's also the kind of guy that you can't help but warm to even when he's being as foul as he has a tendency to be; thanks to a cheeky grin and a glint in his eye, it's pointless to be offended at him - even if you're on the end of a barrage of comments.

It's an intense show - and at the end, it's also a slightly more personal one than I'm used to with Brendhan. Taking in his alcoholism, he recites the Rifleman's Creed and how that relates to his life; but just when you think he's about to get completely soppy, he heads so far in the other direction that the wrongfooting is just hilarious.

But with a dedication and explanation as to why he's sobered up, comes a new Lovegrove; a Lovegrove who's willing to bare his soul on the stage rather than hide behind a vitriolic veneer. It's a poignant personal touch and a surprise from the mirth-master and rogeuish charmer, who's simply blistering this year and once again, on fire.

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Matt Sampson
Saw Brendhan live last night at the Classic, would highly reccommend going! If his performance last night was anything to go by then youl be in tears from laughter!