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April - May 2012

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Fuse Circus Presents 

REVOLVER: Sexy Circus Cabaret Club

Revolver: Sexy Circus Cabaret Club


Revolver captures the romanticism of the traveling circus and combines it with the raw contemporary blood-lust and the streetwise modern world with anarchic humor, spectacular circus skill on a rotating stage with the audience in the round.

A show that celebrates juxtapositions of attraction & repulsion, gender, sexuality & body image. Sophisticated, sexy, physical & highly entertaining, presented by some of NZ’s best circus performers who regularly perform on the international circuit.


Showing In:

Auckland Wellington


Wed 16 - Sat 19 May, 8pm


Comedy Chamber, Auckland


Adults $40.00
Conc. $35.00
Groups 8+ $35.00* service fees may apply


0800 289 842

Show Duration:

1 hour 30 min

Critics Review

Daniel Rutledge,'New Zealand’s finest circus talent performing on a rotating central stage was one of the naughtiest, weirdest and most entertaining events I’ve been to in quite some time.'open/close
New Zealand’s finest circus talent performing on a rotating central stage was one of the naughtiest, weirdest and most entertaining events I’ve been to in quite some time.

Revolver is not for prudes – there’s a fair amount of nudity and adult content involved. Catholics may also be highly offended by a version of the 'Hail Mary' prayer that is definitely not sanctioned by the Vatican.

Highlights of the first hour included trapeze and Tissu routines, along with some wonderfully bizarre singing segments. There was something to enjoy about every segment, but some were vastly superior to others. Host Magenta Diamond also provided a few Jim Rose-style thrills.

Although there were some fantastic moments in the first half, the second half of the show was much more exciting. There was a sense of real danger, a feeling that things could go wrong and people could get hurt… because things did go wrong and people did get hurt.

Nobody was injured – there were no performers falling and breaking limbs or anything like that. A stray hula hoop flying into an audience member’s face caused a bit of panic, but everyone was alright. But that, coupled with a few mistakes in an earlier juggler’s act, meant the next segment – which involved whips – carried with it a sweaty-palmed excitement akin to riding a roller coaster in Mexico. I loved it.

The crowd participation was also ramped up in the second half, with mixed results. The crowd was a blend of your average awkward Kiwis who hate nothing more than being on-stage, people who looked and acted as though they always wanted to be in a circus but never quite made it, and drunken idiots. Members of all three groups were represented on-stage, adding another unpredictable and hilarious element to the show.

My favourite act was the Cyr wheel piece, which is basically a big wheel that a man gets inside and does amazing tricks with. It was performed on a very small stage for such a routine and was jaw-dropping, made even more entertaining through wonderful costume and stage effect choices.

The final act was also a brilliant and intense aerial performance that kicked things up a notch in more way than one. I don’t want to give away how, but it was a very thrilling closer that I enjoyed thoroughly.

I have to give a shout out to the night’s music too. Airbourne’s ‘Diamond in the Rough’ was thrashed loads of times, but the majority of the music was very cool and sounded great over the speaker system they had. There was a piece of early ‘80s-eque sci-fi synth music played in the Cyr wheel segment that was truly fantastic.

It’s nice to see the Comedy Festival mixing up the variety of shows offered and Revolver is certainly one of the more unique experiences on this year’s programme.

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Nik Smthye -'All in all Revolver is a remarkable, raunchy and risibly rude night at the cabaret circus. 'open/close
To begin with there's a rouge-cheeked, goatee-sporting, leather-clad, kilt-wearing kind of punk-burlesque weirdo with a mohawk coif, and he's just the DJ (DJ Red Bird Jn.). Then there's a couple of other strapping fellows wearing bowler hats and waistcoats, loitering about as the capacity Concert Chamber crowd gets their refreshments and sit at their tables – some of which are on the stage by the formidably cog-wheeled entranceway upstage.

Before long a svelte vamp in a red dress and black heels, with a cigarette and a marguerite, stands statue-still before an old-school microphone and a sign that reads ‘$1 for a ditty' on the titular revolve stage at the end of the catwalk. When the dollar is paid, the DJ turns the large red crank that sets her off crooning – like the world's most sophisticated music box – all manner of cabaret classics from Holiday, Porter, Berlin, Waller and maybe a Gershwin or two.

All this before the show even starts, which it eventually does with the arrival of the Mistress of Ceremonies, one Magenta Diamond, whose initial party trick is pulling things out from her sleek long black dress. Her secondary one is hammering a four-inch nail into her nostril to her theme song, Airbourne's 'Diamond in the Rough'. As the evening progresses Ms Diamond will demonstrate, in her consummate airhead/dominatrix manner, she is no-one's two-trick pony.

The first act proper is scruffy ragdoll mascot girl Maria Blacklips, flinging her limbs about with dynamic flair, again engaging the frequently utilised revolving stage. She is follow by one of the waistcoat fellows, the bearded one, ‘Beau Champagne', who takes us through a round of deft and nimble, if wholly perfunctory, trapeze manoeuvres to a pumping dubstep soundtrack. Next the other chap, ‘Zach Washer' with the frilly waistcoat, juggles a number of skittles, dropping a good many but managing enough to succeed in coming over as a very promising juggling student on work experience.

I note that by this time not a great deal of comedy per se has occurred. Almost as if in response, Ms Diamond appears again, now with a pair of tights and a staple gun up her dress. Her shock-factor antics are very well matched by her sassy banter, both effusively sexual and aggressively stern. She's followed by a red-haired Tissu artiste in sturdy lingerie with black gothic floral tights, who's name I didn't catch, causing a few gasps with her bold aerial tumbling.

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Flawless!! These guys are absolute pros! Everyone must see! Thank you for such an amazing and unforgettable experience!
Absolutely Stunning! Awesome - thanks for opening my eyes!
Flawless!! These guys are absolute pros! Everyone must see! Thank you for such an amazing and unforgettable experience!