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‘Maverick’ also means a bastard cow of some sort or a Jesus cow.

Posted by Alan McElroy On the 20th April 2012 Back


Well, I’m going to be a maverick here and write one of these From The Desk Of… yokes.  By maverick, I don’t mean a motherless cow.  Look it up, I was surprised too, ‘maverick’ also means a bastard cow of some sort or a Jesus cow, it depends on what angle you look at this, preferably a high angle, I’ve seen Animal Planet, it gets messy. Unless the cow is of the Jesus type and was immaculately conceived, then I can only guess that a special egg cracked open and a Jesus calf majestically hopped out and passed judgment on all mammals and fixed lepers by helping their arms grow back and then stealing their bells because cows love bells.  I don’t mean that kind of maverick, nor do I mean the Mel Gibson Maverick.  Although I would be curious to hear his
views on a Jesus cow.  I would prefer a Jesus cow to the Jesus man because, fair enough, Jesus man could turn water to wine, a bit of a drinking problem if you ask me but I’m sure Jesus cow could do the same.  Jesus man also turned his body to bread which is disgusting because no matter what way you spin that, a yeast infection is a yeast infection.  Jesus cow however can turn his body into a delicious steak.  I know whose body I want to eat.  By maverick, I mean the unorthodox type and why am I that type of maverick for writing a From
The Desk Of…thing, because I don’t have a desk, I’m using a dinner tray!  Which I will also use later for a delicious Jesus Cow burger and Apostleatoe chips.  YUM!

Come to my show, Giddy!  It will make more sense than this.

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