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7 Days Aggresive Researcher speaks up!

Posted by Rob Brown, 7 Days On the 5th April 2012 Back

Rob Brown_FromTheDeskOf.jpg

Welcome to the From The Desk Of 7 Days, in the eyes of an Aggressive Researcher. Why Aggressive Researcher you ask? What kind of job title is that? You’d probably understand if you met me but it all started when Dai Henwood said I’d be an aggressive lover because I’m hyperactive (although Ben Hurley claims he said it first and gets angry when you bring it up). This morphed into my new job title aggressive Researcher as plain old Researcher was very beige.

It’s Thursday today which means its ‘shooting 7 Days day’. There is a mild undercurrent of panic in the air although that’s drowned out by Steve Wrigley talking heaps and the fact we’re all excited for another award winning, ratings smashing show. There shall of course be talk about the Lotto winner, Sally Ridge, people thieving milk from the Mount…brilliant, I love milk too, and one of our Labour MPs for Yes Minister…But don’t tell the guests on the show, it’s a secret.

We are more excited about kicking of this years NZ International Comedy Festival of the whole world 2012..more like two thousand and 7 Days! That joke would have been way better if it was 2007. As we did last year, we’re having our once a year NZ VS The World show where we have a team of comedians from all over the world who are performing at this years festival. Last year we had Chopper as the World’s captain along with Jason John Whitehead from Canada and Mark Watson from England, it was one of our best shows ever! We also save this show for our most well known politicians and bands, last year Dave Dobbyn smashed out Loyal and Slice of Heaven for our aptly named game Slice of 7..see what we did there? I’m not going to tell you who we have this year but you’re going to lose your shit. I’ve been trying to get John Key to come on the show for years now, we thought he’d say yes, especially after he named 7 Days as his favourite show during his election campaign last year which of course swung the whole vote in his favour. Turns out he doesn’t want a bar of us and keeps turning us down…pussy, we feel so used….so dirty, we’ve practically been politically raped. We only take solace in the fact that his young sons love the show and love it when we take the piss out of their Dad which really pisses him off apparently.

So see you on the 25th April at the SKYCITY Theatre and let’s aggressively kick this ‘bitch’ off in style, and by ‘bitch’ I mean best comedy festival in the world.


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