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April - May 2012

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Comedy Convoy updates us on their adventures!

Posted by Jeremy Corbett, Marcel Lucont, Gordon Southern. Simon McKinney & Urzila Carlson (sort of) On the 24th May 2012 Back

Palmy 470x270.jpg 

It's week 2, day 3 of the Comedy Convoy. Tensions are high. Week one was ruled by a polite civility that has disappeared after one too many late night, wine fueled, Texas Hold ‘em tournaments.
All of the gigs have been great. Audiences have turned up. Laughs have happened. That’s pretty much success right there. Special mentions for going beyond the call of duty go to GourmetSailing who blew eyeballs with a spectacular late afternoon cruise in Nelson. Nelson also takes a gong for the Sky Wire at Happy Valley. Highly recommended. Kiwi hearts also swelled with pride at Wither Hills vineyard in Blenheim as we sprawled out over the pristine lawn, slumped into beanbags and soaked up sun rays and bubbles. We, of course, pretended that this was simply a normal afternoon in New Zealand. Take a bow Aotearoa.  

Gordon:Two vans, several flights on aeroplanes of ever decreasing sizes and the final stretch is here.
Week one was all North Island, in a happy white van that circled Lake Taupo until escape velocity was achieved and we pinged off to a city.  Now we are boarding miniature aircraft and hopping between North and South Island. Nelson and Blenheim are beautiful places but people.... Waving at the planes as they come in to land? You'll give the South Island a bad reputation.

The poker tournaments have dried up - playing for pasta dinosaur shapes meant that it was  better to lose than win, as the winner had to carry a big plastic bag of wheat raptors around with them until the next game. Oh, and I won the inaugural mini golf challenge in Taupo. The others might not mention this but it's the most important thing that happened on this tour. There were some shows. They were OK too I guess.

Marcel: I just wish to quash a rumour that four of us are merely visiting the local pubs and brothels of each area every night while voice and impersonation man Simon McKinney masquerades as us all on stage. This only happened one night, and was deemed not a great success. While introducing himself onto the stage he failed to remove his 'Corbett stilts,' rendering his 'Urzila Carlson' at least a metre too tall. However we would like to thank (*name of town removed for legal reasons*) North for its exuberant night offerings.

Simon: In a mad haze of delirium as the Convoy stretches on, members of the team have taken to plunging into icy streams, obsessing onstage over mundane roadworks in each town we perform in, and developing a complete and utter disregard for the humble bee. What happens next on this tour remains to be seen.

Urzila Carlson did write a section of this blog unfortunately we couldn't read her South African accent so couldn't include it. What we did get was "bitches be crazy". 

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