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Comedy is serious business!

Posted by Urzila Carlson On the 25th March 2012 Back


I just got back from Adelaide Fringe festival. I've been going for the past 3 years. It's not getting any easier and it's got nothing to do with the shows or the audiences either. The first year I went they had a massive heatwave. Averaging mid 40's every day. Try doing a show with no aircon and 5 spotlights on you. I was sweating in places I didn't even know I had body parts! The second year I went they had a locust plague! They were everywhere flying into my hair, going into the venue - it's hard to be funny when every 2 minutes I scream and jump around on stage just trying to keep an eye on the little buggers! The audience loved it, let's face it a big girl screaming and jumping around on stage is pretty funny, especially because they were used to the locusts and thought I was just soft.

This year I have returned with a limp. I have a strained foot and I have bruises. I look like I got hit by a bus! I got attacked by the wildlife in Adelaide this year. Picture this. I get back from a gig late one night. I stay with a friend in the hills of Adelaide, it's a beautiful house. She has two cats. One brings a mouse in. The mouse gets away. It finds safety in my room. I see it, I am calm. I call my friend, I say we better get it out of the house. She agrees. We try. We can't find it. It's now 1am. I say, let's go to bed, I'm sure it's out of the house. She goes to her room, I get in bed with my iPad replying to some important emails (playing angry birds). I'm lying on my back, head on the pillow when I hear "tuck tuck tuck tuck" noises. I look to my left. It's the mouse. In my hair. I am still calm. I jump up call my friend (scream her name). She comes in, it's still on the bed. I say let's catch it. She gets a jug with a lid. I have the jug she has the lid. Mouse is still on the bed. I get the mouse under the jug. She slides the lid in. The mouse gets out. The mouse is running up my arm.

I am no longer calm. I release a high pitch scream that I didn't know I had in me. Dolphins are now crying. I start mid-air running like in a Tom & Jerry cartoon. This is where the bruises on my legs are from. Seems I tried to climb myself. The mouse is somewhere! Is it on me?! I touch down from the air running at one hell of a speed and I trip over my trainers! I fall. I'm up! I'm out! I'm now outside the house! I look down. My left foot is blue and swollen! I can't stand on it. We never saw the mouse again. I couldn't walk for two days. Apparently this year they have a mouse plague...

As for the shows. I had the best gig of my life in Adelaide. I also had the worst gig of my life in Adelaide. Same venue. Same set. One night booed off stage, the next night a standing ovation. All that heat and plague must mess with your head I think. I am looking forward to the 2012 NZ International Comedy Festival. We have nothing creepy here. The weather is fabulously mild. Our biggest struggle is public transport. I can deal with that.

Bring on the NZ International Comedy Festival!!

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