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G'day, Uncle Chop Chop here.

Posted by Chopper On the 3rd May 2012 Back G'day, Uncle Chop Chop here. I can't make it to the NZ comedy festival this year (police shit), but hopefully it'll be ironed out pretty soon cause I'm hoping to have a big trip around NZ in November with my new show.

In my absence from this glorious festival, I thought the very fuckin least I could do is help you guys sniff out a few choice laughs. Hopefully you already have tickets to all the guys from '7 Days' doing their thing, but here's a few that may not have gotten all up in your faces yet.

Axis of Awesome
- These guys have rocked in Sweden, the USA and the UK and
now they would like to blow your fuckin' minds. The lead singer Jordan was in The Ronnie Johns Half Hour TV show with me, so technically I taught him everything he knows, and that makes him officially 'funny as fuck'.

FanFiction Comedy - Great young local comedians and brain-flipping guests rewrite some of the highlights and lowlights of pop culture. Bring a face.

Guy Williams - One of the most talented joke writers I've seen. Now you see him.

Jason John Whitehead - Ask him about Ice Hockey. Don't ask him during his show, wait til afterwards.

Jamie Bowen - Jamie is a talented guy, so he's taking this show to Edinburgh, which is a big fuckin deal. Go and see it before a bunch of Scottish people grub it up with their leery hands and then you have to wait 8 years, and 2 HBO series later before he has time to tour his own fucking country again...its Bowen time!

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