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I Just About Died (the other night)

Posted by Tom Furniss On the 8th May 2012 Back Tom-Furniss_470x270.jpg

Greetings stranger,

I’m writing to inform you of an incredibly unfortunate event that happened to me (Sunday, May 6th, approximately 10.45pm). Whilst preparing for my journey to Wellington for that leg of my Comedy Festival show, I was searching for a pair of lucky socks in my loft. I found my lucky socks, however, the next few moments would render the socks as my previously-lucky socks. Whilst descending the ladder from said loft, my left foot (which I’d foolishly covered in lucky sock material) slipped and I was sent plummeting some two metres to the awaiting doom/floor below. I landed, cranium against edge of bed, and was knocked unconscious.

I spent a good remainder of Sunday eve and Monday morn, in the Auckland Hospital emergency department. It’s nothing like Shortland Street and I was disappointed to not see at least one famous person. The doctor was a lady and she said that I had concussion and had to stay the night. I followed her orders.

Today my memory of the events is hazy. In addition, whilst packing my bags today for my flight to Wellington, I suddenly realized, I can not remember anything from my comedy show. I had spent weeks planning and scripting what I believed to be the greatest piece of work of my entire life. I remember words like Winnebago and Dave, but I cannot remember where or for what reason each word is in the show.

Fortunately I was able to search my computer for the words ‘comedy show’ and bring up the word doc that had the contents of my show in it. So I am now in a race against time to relearn my show in time for tomorrow night’s first performance. Unfortunately, what I haven’t been able to remember is the name of the hotel I booked last week for my accommodation in Wellington.

So I have two favours to ask of you. 1) Please come to my show and cheer on with words of support, such as, “come on mate, you can do it,” or, “(whispered) visualize...”, and 2) if you own a hotel in Wellington and have a guest staying tonight called Tom Furniss, please call me asap on 0274502020.


Tom Furnis

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