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I'm bringing Coxie back

Posted by Chris Cox On the 16th March 2012 Back


Well look at this, it's March already and I'm in the early stages of preparing to bring my award-winning mind-reading type show Fatal Distraction to NZ, and I can't wait. In 2010 I had the best time performing Mind Over Patter to sell out crowds in Auckland and it was a joy to perform. Having read minds around the world there is something truly magical about NZ, and I simply can't wait to return. The fact that the audiences genuinely seem to care about the show, about you, and are up for a proper good time make performing it such a joy.

Back in 2011, it was a dream run for me. I had a few weeks holiday touring around the beautiful place you Kiwis call home before settling down to do the show in Auckland. Even before opening night we had almost sold-out so we added a few extra shows, which then quickly sold-out. This time round I get to perform in the fancy new Q, a big old room which will be the perfect home to the theatrical nature of Fatal Distraction. I also get to take the show to Wellington to read minds there for the first time. I hope they are ready for me.

I tried to do something different with this show. I want to amaze, (despite never really being able to read minds), I want people to laugh and I want to elicit some emotion from my audience. So what can you expect, other than puns on my surname? (Before you ask, yes the I Love Cox badges will be back) You can expect a narrative based mind-reading show, with loads of audience participation, bits that'll make your jaw hit the floor, and bit's that'll make you feel all warm and cosy. I'll devote a whole section of the show to your desires, so if you sit in the audience and think of something you'd like to see me do, chances are, I'll do it. If you guys are anything like my crowds at the Edinburgh Fringe or on tour in the UK I expect to be getting up to all sorts of mischief due to your adventurous and somewhat filthy minds!

So till I come over I've lots to do. I need to rehearse the show and make a few changes to make sure it's tip-top. I need to spruce up my props, work out which ones I'm going to fly over to your side of the world and what I'll get in Auckland, sort out my flights... hopefully with your sexy Air New Zealand... I bloody love your airline, did you know that? I do. True story. I'm also sure there are a million other things I need to do. I should probably make a list.

Till then I bid you farewell and look forward to the ticker-tape parade to herald my arrival. Hopefully see you at the show, I need minds to read, and yours seems just perfect.

Big love



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