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Sexy dragons, Benny's hair & "Melkveg"

Posted by Lee Naimo from Axis of Awesome On the 2nd April 2012 Back

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Fans are a strange yet wondrous thing. I’m sure you’re a fan of things – I myself am a fan of sleeping late and dogs dressed as humans (just check my facebook page for verification). It’s nice to have interests, to be a fan of things.

Largely thanks to the internet, we’re lucky enough to have an army of worldwide fans. This really helps us sell tickets in some odd places – last year we performed our very first show in Amsterdam to 500 screaming kids, singing along to some of our songs in a rock venue called the “Melkveg” (which roughly translates as “the Milk Veg”). It was incredible to be greeted by such a great crowd so far from our homes, and to do so while legally high on marijuana made it even better.

There are some fans, however, who cross the boundary. You know the boundary I mean. When they stop being that friendly person who knows all your songs and become a stalker with a scrap book full of pictures of Benny. Or locks of Benny’s hair. Or artistic impressions of us as sexual dragons, who seem to have a strong aversion of pants (scarily one of those is quite true).

Sometimes you can get stuck talking to these people after a show, and most of the time they’re genuinely nice people. The internet has made their job a lot easier as well. We get multiple emails and facebook/twitter comments from fans asking us all sorts of things (usually if they can have permission to play Four Chords at their school talent show, or if they can have another lock of Benny’s hair).

Although it can get overwhelming at times, we’re very grateful that we have such a loyal and devoted following, because it’s these people who keep us employed, through coming to our live shows, buying our music online and watching our videos on the And I personally wouldn’t be anywhere near as well off if I couldn’t sell locks of Benny’s hair at such ridiculously high rates to his legion of fans. Thank god we share so many hotel rooms, and that Benny’s a heavy sleeper.

Axis of Awesome - The Axis of Awesome World Tour 2006


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