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The guy who does those sign-offs on Nightline!

Posted by David Farrier On the 19th March 2012 Back Hi, I'm David Farrier. I do the "oh gosh he's trying to be wacky" reports on TV3. Before I was doing annoying sign-offs on Nightline, I was studying at Uni and going to cheap comedy nights at The Classic. Student rates. It made me realise that having a few beers and watching comics is one of the best nights out you can have (except for playing Skyrim/WoW). They can be funny, they can crash, you simply don't know. And that's the joy of it - it's a night of mystery. A night of mystery... and probably some laughs. As I started being a "journalist".. or whatever I am.. I was lucky enough to meet some of these people.. kiwi comics, internationals, the guy that clipped the tickets. I even entered a show one year about cryptozoology with Rhys Darby and our mate Buttons. The Comedy Festival is your chance to take a punt on your night, and have an unpredictable, marvelous time with friends. Or maybe a new friend: Maybe it's a date. Who knows. This might be your lucky night. Go score.

Chris Cox - Fatal Attraction
Chris Cox is some kind of freak from the UK who can actually read what you're doing.. the way your eyes flick to the left or right.. what you say.. how you ACT.. and can predict what you are thinking from all of this. It's insane to see in action. I couldn't even begin to figure out how his last show worked. I liked him so much I filmed a story with him.. and still couldn't figure it out. He knows you better than you know yourself, and he turns that into amazing comedy. Can't wait to see his new show.

Guy Williams - On The Verge of Nothing
I like Guy. He reminds me a bit of me, but more deadpan and funnier. I have never seen his show, but desperately want to.

Rhys Darby - This Way To Spaceship
Rhys doesn't need plugging, but the guy's hilarious, and he loves cryptozoology just as much as I do. Looking forward to his new material.

Urzila Carlson - I'm Going To Need a Second Opinion
I've seen bits of Urzila over the years, and think she's probably the funniest comic working in New Zealand. Her thick South African drawl is just mezmerising. To be honest I am not sure what makes her so funny - the way she delivers things, her stories, her view of the world. Whatever it is, it works. I want to see this woman EVERYWHERE. I want more Urzila.

Rhys Mathewson - Rhys Mathewson vs The World

Rhys is young and funny. That's a rare thing.

Jan Maree - Hairy Today, Gone Tomorrow
I didn't expect to enjoy Jan's last show: I didn't think it would be my thing. It was really great and she won the Fred and was just wonderfully funny and poignant and I want more.




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