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April - May 2014

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Kiwi Heroes: Live!

Kiwi Heroes: Live!



Join your host Guy Montgomery as he interviews the most famous New Zealand celebrities in this brand new unscripted late-night talk show.

Rutherford, Hilary, Batten, Jackson, Lorde, Dobbyn - you name them, they’ll bloody be there. (Note: celebrities may or may not be poorly impersonated by Rose Matafeo, Nic Sampson, Joseph Moore, Eli Mathewson or one our special comedian guests).

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Showing In:



Sat 26 April, Sat 3, Sat 10 & Sat 17 May, 11.30pm


The Classic Studio, Auckland


Adults $15.00
Conc. $10.00* service fees may apply


0800 TICKETEK (842 538)

Show Duration:

1 hour

Critics Review

Stephen Austin -'... an audience can look on and admire the quick wits and solid comedy skills of some of our brightest improv talent.'open/close
Guy Montgomery welcomes us with the charm of a 1970s TV presenter and sets us up with the proceedings of the night: this is his talk show and he's going to interview several great, much loved New Zealanders from history. Sort of a budget Letterman, with lots more number eight wire.

He takes suggestions from the audience of various reasons the particular guests are on the show and these are incorporated into the interview in various ways. He's an unflappable host and keeps the pace cracking along well, finding particular gems to catch his interviewees out with and his own quirky sense of character.

As in all good improv, the audience topics are also reincorporated at the end to bring a sense of completion and climax to the show and here it seems to have been structured within a certain package to highlight the skills of the performers.

On the first night we have Nic Sampson as a pregnant Sir Ernest Rutherford, Rose Matafeo as Rachel Hunter hawking jet skis, Joseph Moore as The Feelers lead singer James Reid with his new song ‘Spapool' and special guest Eli Mathewson as All Black Shane Jones… or at least as close an approximation to him as he could scramble from the costume pile in the dressing room in ten seconds.

Of the impressions, Matafeo is the closest to the celebrity she's aping, simply by virtue of the fact that Hunter's been on TV so much in New Zealand's Got Talent. We're treated to weirdly odd touching of fellow guests, vacant gazes off into space and lots of uplifting inflection in the classic Kiwi sheila style.

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