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April - May 2014

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Jayran Mansouri

Jayran Mansouri's Kitchen of Curiosities



Jayran Mansouri is very shy, very innocent and utterly hilarious. In her first solo show in the Festival, she brings the eccentricity and awkwardness of her daily life onto the stage.

Her comedy seamlessly blends the innocent with the macabre. If cutlery role play, dead fish impressions and Hitler fetishism are your cup of tea, you will love Jayran.

“Truly unique” - Ben Hurley

“One of the most interesting young comedians in NZ. Expect the unexpected. Very funny” – Brendhan Lovegrove

Facebook: KitchenofCuriosities


Showing In:



Fri 25 & Sat 26 April, 7pm


Luna at Q Theatre, Auckland


Adults $18.00
Conc. $15.00
Groups 4+ $15.00* service fees may apply


09 309 9771

Show Duration:

1 hour

User reviews

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Not Jayran's Boyfriend (honest, I swear).
Very peculiar yet funny set of topics. Always entertaining and halirious at her best. Jayran's cheap cardboard kitchen set on a Gib board wall was of the finest "cheap yet not too crappy" set construction. With just the right mix of paint, sellotape, velcro, and 3M command strips you almost believed you were in the kitchen of someone quite strange but not dranged. Her jokes made the audience laugh, made them question the 21 year old comic's claims that "I grew up to be a paragon of normality" and "I don't have a Hitler fetish" (Himler is cuter we are told). We learnt of the futility of using your uterus as a hot air balloon and "No amount of Granddad's Viagra helps you breed blue crayons and yellow crayons together to make baby green crayons". Jayran needed to bread the green crayons to replace the ones in class which she ate as a child.

The roller coaster ride through her brain is a wonderfully eccentric time and something I'd like to repeat.