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April - May 2014

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Guy Williams

Self Absorbed, Terrible Person



Guy Williams is a semi-professional comedian from Nelson. He has recently been describing himself as the ‘New Dark Knight of New Zealand Comedy’.

Winner Billy T Award 2012, NZ International Comedy Festival

“He is the least funny man on the Jono and Ben Show, given that neither Jono or Ben are remotely at all funny that is truly saying something” – John Campbell, Campbell Live

N.B. Extra show at different venue on Friday 2 May, 8.30pm at the Freemans Bay Community Hall, 52 Hepburn St.

Watch Guy Williams performance at the Old Mout Cider Comedy Gala here!


Showing In:

Auckland Wellington


Mon 28 April - Thu 1 May, 8.30pm


Hawke Sea Scout Hall, Auckland
Freeman's Bay Community Hall, Auckland


Entry by Koha* service fees may apply


Show Duration:

45 Minutes

Critics Review

Burnt Out Teacher -'5 Stars - ...a hilarious show that feels like hanging out with your dorky, funny friend, Guy Williams won’t disappoint. 'open/close
Guy Williams is a funny sort. He’s on telly and billboards and all sorts of things these days, but given his comedic timing, charm, and goofy-dork grin in person, he’s almost wasted on the screen.

Before I arrived at the the Hawke Sea Scout Hall (!) in Cox’s Bay to see his comedy show ‘Self Absorbed, Terrible Person,’ I looked at his adorable little Wikipedia page. Turns out TV Guide named him New Zealand’s sexiest male TV personality. I thought he was more oddly cute. “Oddly cute” was certainly far more appropriate for a Sea Scout Hall gig than “Filthy sexual, oh my god, I want to climb him like a tree” (which is how a prim colleague of mine describes him).

Well, he’s not just a pretty face. He’s dang good at anecdotes, nerdy little lists, and ad-libbing some killer three-liners. Awkward personal observations don’t come much funnier than his, and his brother Paul Williams making his own guest appearance at the start presenting “some thoughts” set us up for a hilarious hour.

Guy Williams may be self-absorbed, but he’s not very terrible at all. He’s bloody funny.

For laughs thick and fast, go see Guy Williams performing at the Hawke Sea Scout Hall from Monday 28th April every night right through to Thursday 01st May, and on Friday 02nd May he wraps it up at the Freeman’s Bay Community Hall.

Whether you want to climb him like a tree, are a fan of seeing him on the telly-fillums, or you just want to go to a hilarious show that feels like hanging out with your dorky, funny friend, Guy Williams won’t disappoint.

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Dani McAllen -'4 Stars - It was a refreshing take on Guy’s abrupt style of in-your-face-so-awkward comedy that we’ve come to know on TV, but we honestly loved it, and we promise you will too.'open/close
GuyWilliamsGuy, as he’s known on the interwebs, really isn’t that much of a self-absorbed terrible person as his show title suggests. He tries, but like most things Guy tries at, he fails. (We kid we kid).

Guy’s first ‘Self Absorbed, Terrible Person’ show was held at the humble Hawke Sea Scout Hall in Herne Bay. To hazard a guess, we’d say that the venue held around 60 people, which was clearly 40 more than they were expecting, as we were forced to sit on wooden benches at the back that were quickly pulled in from the sides after all the good seats were taken.

Fortunately for Guy, the only thing in the hall that was cold and frozen still was my arse, as the crowd were warm and reciprocating, even though he claimed to be bumbling through his performance ‘figuring it out as he went along’. Either he was lying, or he really has started to become slightly professional at this whole ‘comedian’ thing and is able to think on his feet more.

The best thing about small gigs (where you set up the lighting yourself and emerge from creepy cupboards with your brother to tell Michael Jackson jokes… that was the brother Paul, not Guy) is that they force you to think quick and bring on the next gag at the snap of the fingers, because although you might have everyone laughing, the laughter doesn’t carry through a large crowd, so you’ve gotta act quick.

Perhaps we’re being cynical, but we feel it was the most PC we’ve seen Guy as of late. Yes he dropped the F bomb, and said the word Pussy a few times – but who doesn’t?

It was a refreshing take on Guy’s abrupt style of in-your-face-so-awkward comedy that we’ve come to know on TV, but we honestly loved it, and we promise you will too. Please, even if you’re not, shout out that you’re from Old Mout Cider. Don’t leave a Guy hanging.

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Daven Parsons-Piwari - The Dominion Post'...most of the show is him ranting about the small pleasures, things like Fanta, Sweet Mother's Kitchen's curly fries, and cyber- bullying Brian Tamaki. 'open/close
Given the nature of Wellington bars, I can maybe be forgiven for thinking that Tararua Tramping Club was some obscure craft beer bar that I'd never heard of. What I turned up to was basically a scout hall where Guy Williams was handing out apples to a crowd full of people, which I think sums him up rather nicely.

Wholesome would probably be the best word to describe Williams' material, if it wasn't for the fact that he dropped the C-bomb more than once. Apart from that, most of the show is him ranting about the small pleasures, things like Fanta, Sweet Mother's Kitchen's curly fries, and cyber- bullying Brian Tamaki.

He also did an "ask me anything" over text at which point he was basically improvising based off the legitimate questions and miscellaneous heckle texts that come from giving your phone number to a crowd of people. The improv material seemed to come to him quite naturally, he didn't reek of trying too hard, which is the best you can hope for when it comes to improv.

While it mostly felt like aimless ranting, there was definitely an organic feel to Williams' comedy that you don't see in a lot of with his TV stuff. His live show is worth checking out if you want to see a side of him that's less corny and over the top awkward.

Read more:'... an act I think you’d better not miss.'open/close
I’m not sure if we approached the Hawke Sea Scout Hall from the best route. The walk involved a winding path, pitch black darkness and stopping to question whether this is how we were to die. Obviously, this was a bit dramatic and by the time we entered the wee hall we were feeling much calmer. Things only got better – Guy Williams was the perfect host, welcoming everyone in and offering us complementary apples, water and bathrooms. We perched on benches and the hall had the vibe of skit night at a school camp, helped by the fact it was Guy’s brother, Paul Williams, who was invited to open the show by emerging from a stage-side cupboard (?) to share some of his 'thoughts'.

Paul garnered a lot of well-deserved laughter – being funny runs in the family it would seem. When we’d apparently heard ‘about enough’ of Paul's observations, Guy returned from the back of the hall to take the stage and start his show ‘Self Absorbed, Terrible Person’. From admitting he only donates to charity if it’s not anonymous, to nudging small children with his car in supermarket car parks, Williams could convince us that he lives up to the title of his show – if only his demeanor didn’t give away the fact he’s the exact opposite. He's just too darn nice to be terrible, really.

His material suited the relaxed vibe of the hall; his jokes flowed freely, his dry humour leaving us in stitches on several occasions. Williams had much to say on the highlights and hypocrisies that come with teaming up with corporate sponsors (he highly recommends it!) and was even so thoughtful as to bring along lists of ‘supermarket strategies’ and life-hacks he’s been working on to share. While we probably won’t be taking them onboard, it’s the thought that counts, right? Bits such as these were exemplary of the signature sarcasm and awkward charm that’s made him a favourite among audiences and helped him win 2012's Billy T; the whole show was great because of it. At times it did seem a little haphazard, but Williams is self-aware to the extreme and is always one step ahead - it’s all part of the act. And it's an act I think you’d better not miss.

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Tim Gruar -'Final verdict Ha bloody ha! I enjoyed!'open/close
On first blush you’d think reaching the venue would be a couple of hours from the car park at least! Turns out it’s just tucked away off Cambridge Terrace in downtown Welly. “But,” ventures Williams, in his opening gambit, ”is tramping? Isn’t just walking? Are trampers really just a bunch of walkers?” Sitting in the fluorescent haze on the raised level of the club’s hall, with no stage lighting and only a hired PA, Williams appears like a dodgy Christian camp councillor. Maybe it’s his tall lanky frame, his beard, the glasses or his slightly menacing demeanour. Yet he’s utterly hilarious – poking fun at the club’s old members’ portraits or wandering off into the kitchen to nick the fire alarm and mysteriously ‘breaking’ things.

He gets people to text him questions , which are mostly about his manky body parts. Later he gets one of the mostly under 20 something Jono and Ben at 10 viewers up for a raucous version of “Hack your Life”, a game stolen from his current employer The Edge – who, by the way, will probably be retracting it’s 3PM broadcasts of a certain advert for a strip club after Williams has taken the station, the client AND the copywriter down a few pegs!

Giving Williams a coffee break on the 10PM show was William’s very own brother. Paul, who told a few well thought out but not entirely well delivered jokes. Nothing wrong per se’- just lacking the oomph! But keep working on it. Then Williams is back on. And genuinely funny, delivering his brand of chaotic improv wit school-boy observations about what a p-poor tourist prospect our country really is, all to a homework script the dog probably chewed up earlier in the evening.

Final verdict Ha bloody ha! I enjoyed!

Read more:'Bloody awesome Guy, bloody awesome show.'open/close
Guy Williams first show of the NZ International Comedy Festival was nothing but brilliant.

The Hawke Sea Scout Hall in Herne Bay was the perfect venue. With its wooden floors and high ceilings it reminded of a spacious yet cosy loft.

Playing Taylor Swift songs Guy set up the chairs and benches for his audience himself with the help of his brother Paul and a handful of guests that had arrived early.

Guy’s brother Paul warmed up the audience with his thoughts on Kinder Surprise, Facebook and James Bond.

When Guy took over there was instant connection with the crowd. Sharing stories from his everyday life as a radio host and comedian and his childhood memories of growing up in Nelson, it felt like listening to your best mate telling the most hilarious anecdotes of his life. I wasn’t able to stop laughing for an entire hour.

Playing Justin Bieber’s ‘As Long As You Love Me’ as the outro to his show, Guy thanked every guest personally as they left. Extremely down to earth, hilarious and very polite and appreciative it is almost impossible not to like this guy.

Bloody awesome Guy, bloody awesome show.

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