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April - May 2014

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1:00 pm Improv for Kids Improv for Kids Loft at Q Theatre
2:00 pm Stand-Up For Kids Stand-Up For Kids Loft at Q Theatre
4:00 pm Class Comedians Showcase 2014 Class Comedians Rangatira at Q Theatre
7:00 pm Augmented Fourth Sam Smith & Robbie Ellis Luna at Q Theatre
7:00 pm Covert Improv Night The Covert Players (approx 20 people) Musgrove Studio
7:00 pm Conversations With My Penis Written By Dean Hewison The Basement
7:00 pm James Acaster James Acaster The Classic
7:15 pm The Gambler Tim FitzHigham The Classic Studio
7:15 pm The Bronaissance James Nokise Loft at Q Theatre
8:00 pm Mr Adventure Rhys Darby The Civic
8:00 pm Best Of The Billys Hosted by Dai Henwood SKYCITY Theatre
8:30 pm i & i Joseph Harper Wine Cellar
8:30 pm Intensive Carey Carey Marx The Classic
8:30 pm Comedy Allstars At The BMC # 1 Comedy Allstars At The BMC # 1 Bruce Mason Centre
8:30 pm A Night At The Rovers Hosted by Andy Clay Glenfield Rovers
8:30 pm The Improv Bandits The Improv Bandits Musgrove Studio
8:45 pm Snafu Jarred Christmas Loft at Q Theatre
8:45 pm Heart Goes Boom Jamie Bowen The Basement Studio
8:45 pm He-Wolf Stuart Goldsmith The Classic Studio
8:45 pm The Big Show 2014 The Big Show 2014 Comedy Chamber
10:00 pm Fellon Jarred Fell Loft at Q Theatre
10:00 pm Don't Panic! Kade Nightingale & Jeremy Rolston The Basement Studio
10:00 pm Hell Will Be Easier Cori Gonzalez-Macuer The Basement
10:00 pm Craic Up! Alan McElroy & Darren Jardine Vault at Q Theatre
10:00 pm John Robins John Robins The Classic Studio
10:00 pm Stories Our Mums Never Told Us Stories Our Mums Never Told Us Luna at Q Theatre
10:00 pm Classic Late & Live An All-Star Comedy Selection The Classic
11:30 pm Late Laughs Late Laughs The Basement
11:30 pm Kiwi Heroes: Live! Kiwi Heroes: Live! The Classic Studio
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