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April - May 2014

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A Mild Life Crisis anyone?

Posted by Tito On the 3rd April 2014 Back Hello, I’m Tito and on behalf of Brad, Ricky and myself, come and take pity in our various life crises that we have experienced or are about to.

Brad is 27, married and owns his own home. What’s next? If you thought "babies" inside your think-sponge just now, you were right. He’s going to be a father in a few short weeks, and freaking out a little bit. Just a little bit... A little tiny bit.... Okay, a lot bit... Big bit... Heaps. He’s not sure how to keep a tiny, helpless human alive. It can't feed itself, dress itself, or defend itself if trouble brews. And to be honest, Brad barely manages to do that for himself.

Ricky is married too and is a father of three girls. He owns his own home, has a good job, a doting family and has embarked on a lifelong desire to pursue comedy. So what’s the issue? Exactly! He has none, which is a crisis in itself. Hear his musings on his fear of death; trying to be less competitive with his kids, the frustrations of working in an open plan office, the secret to creating a memorable Tuesday, his passion for fizzing things that shouldn't be fizzed and why New Zealand can never have a superhero. Did I mention his fear of dying?

As for me, well, I shouldn’t even be writing this right now. Nope, I should be in Europe, still enjoying my OE! Drinking, partying, doing comedy and snorting tequila off the chest of a squirrel. Just the usual stuff us Kiwi’s get up to, you know? That was the plan at least… But I lost my job with SWP Ltd on Wednesday June 13, 2012 at 9.37am. Those plans, along with my savings, went flying out the window. My career in comedy took a turn for the worse too, when my Dad started managing bookings (seriously Dad, The Criterion in Westport?! What were you thinking?). But I rode out the tough times and now life is pretty sweet, learning that when life gives you lemons, suck on them and pull funny faces!

Together, the three of us have some funny experiences to share and valuable advice to dish out, which you may wish to use. If not, sweet as, just come along to our show and let us entertain you.

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