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April - May 2014

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Entertain me, and I’ll entertain you.

Posted by Stephen Witt On the 4th April 2014 Back Entertain me, and I’ll entertain you.

No doubt you haven't heard of me. That’s fine, you've had better things to do than know who I am. But if you could kindly put yourself aside for a second, and entertain the idea of me, then perhaps you might decide to come to my show "Odd" in this years festival.

I'm about 83% sure you'll find it oddly funny. So the odds are in your favour, you might say. Lololol. In fact you will probably get to the end of the show, and walk out saying “yeah nah, that was pretty odd, and that bit about the guy in the supermarket eyeing up the dog rolls was pretty funny.”

I have a Billy T Nomination, which suggests I've come up with something quite good. Id like it if you would be the judge. You see I've been entertaining the idea of entertaining you for ages, and the fact that you have read this post this far suggests you’re entertaining the idea of coming. So I already owe it to you, about as much as you owe it to yourself.

So I might see you there!

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