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April - May 2014

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From the desk of... Alan McElroy

Posted by Alan McElroy On the 8th April 2014 Back What’s the story horsebox? (hello friend(no one says top of the morning, that’s racist))

It’s Comedy Festival time again!!

Me and me mate Darren have a deadly (great) show in the festival called Craic Up! (laughter and good times Up!)

Stall it down to Q theatre, have a gander and let’s get it up to ninety! (come along to Q Theatre, have a look and let’s get excited)

We’ll be talking bollox and acting the maggot with yis all, the laughs will be bucketing down! (we’ll talk some nonsense and mess about to the extent that the laughter will rain down upon us)

So cop on, don’t be a Dry shite, stall it down and laugh your hoop off, don’t waste your money on going to the pictures, watch these two muppets instead!! Topical! (so take note, don’t be boring, come along and laugh your hoop off! Don’t waste your cash on going to the cinema, come watch these two fuzzy little puppets)

Not coming to this show would be like using a Bag of Taytos instead of a jonny, it will never be as good, could be full of holes and the salt will hurt. (??)

If you understood this, then come to our show, if not, still come along because I don’t understand it either, I Googled half of this crap.

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