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April - May 2014

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From The Desk Of Reverend Jellie

Posted by From The Desk Of Reverend Jellie On the 4th May 2013 Back All the way from Mt Albert and Grey Lynn Reverend Jellie are loving being back at the festival with our show Cut To The Chase. It’s the fourth time we’ve performed this format but that’s okay because every show is completely different.

Now let’s be clear…all you, the audience, have to do is sit back and enjoy the show. You can shout out ideas when we ask for them. Or not, your call. But we won’t be picking on anyone. Or getting anyone up on stage. Or making anyone feel sweaty and uncomfortable. That’s our job - feeling sweaty and uncomfortable. But in a clean way. If that’s possible.  

We are definitely feeling the love at the Q Theatre and the Vault is an awesome venue. We recommend you try the Vault house special, James Nokise for the entrée, Michele A’Court as the main, and Reverend Jellie as a fitting dessert. Nice.

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