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April - May 2014

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From The Desk Of Rule Of Three

Posted by Becky, Maarten and James On the 22nd April 2014 Back Hey. We're Becky, Maarten and James. After last year's Raw Comedy Quest the three of us went pro, and now, after a year of getting paid to do comedy, we're putting our money where our mouths are in our first festival show: Rule Of Three (James can fit up to $2,500 is his mouth, depending on the denominations).

Collaborating has been an interesting exercise. Our styles of comedy are diametrically different, wait, no, triametrically, but they come together in a Voltron-ish, Neapolitan icecream-esque kind of way. Becky would be the strawberry in the Neapolitan, because she's a fruit. And Maarten would be the chocolate because he's addictive and contains trace amounts of nuts. Huge nuts. Which would mean that James is the vanilla, because you can eat vanilla ice-cream straight after brushing your teeth, no problem, but try that with an orange and you're in a world of sorrow. Ok, that metaphor ran a little thin at the end, but it started out super powerful.

The 3 of us will each be telling 20 minutes of jokes. We'll be doing this separately, sequentially, to avoid the unintelligible joke cacophony which would ensue if we tried to do it simultaneously. We've decided this is the most sensible approach.

We'd love you to come and see what we've managed to put together. Come and see why Maarten won the 2013 Raw Comedy Quest, why James came second, and why James's sister thought that Becky should have come second instead.


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