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April - May 2014

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From The Desk Of Urzila Carlson

Posted by Urzila Carlson On the 23rd April 2014 Back Hello comedy followers, doers and interested parties! Welcome to the New Zealand International Comedy Festival page, this is where you will find everyone: internationals that will never visit this page because quite frankly they are too busy selling out and enjoying our beautiful country to visit a website and see if any celebrities recommended their show or if someone wrote anything about them in a “From the desk of” segment. You will also find brand new rookie comics or people that have not done a solo show in years. Here is where you have to pay attention! I did my first solo show in 2010. It was the single most scariest thing I’ve ever done and I still remember who came to that show, who supported me, who sat in my basement venue that could only comfortably seat 30 people but we had 80 seats in there. I still look back at that show and cherish it, it was my first, it was scary and I didn’t know what to expect, but it’s true, regardless how it was you will always remember your first time.

I was surprised every night when there were people in my venue coming to see me. I would ask them afterwards what made them come and see me and they would all say, thought I would risk it and go see a new comic, this is what I encourage people to always do. Take a risk. Get the comedy festival programme, mark out 5 shows you want to see but make one of them someone you don’t know at all, risk it go and see them. Every single one of the biggest comics in the world started off with a first show. How amazing would it be for you to be there for maybe the next Robin Williams, Dane Cook, Dave Chappelle or Wanda Sykes, all some of my favourite comics.

This year I’m doing a new show called Poise Control, it’s all about how I don’t have a filter and how that always gets me in trouble, but I do think we should all be like that. My mother use to ask me when I was young how I think the world would be if everyone in it was just like me, and quite frankly it would be a very truthful place for starters. There would be a severe lack of bullshit around that’s for sure. I don’t know if the world is ready for that in our overly PC society, where we won’t even tell a barista that they managed to make the worst cup of coffee in the entire world, we smile, we take it and we drink it because we don’t want to waste money! Well I’m putting my foot down, the time for drinking shit coffee that burns your tongue is over, I’m giving the coffee back, getting my money back and going elsewhere, or at least writing a strongly worded email about it! Enjoy the festival, support new and old - be an equal opportunity laugher.

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