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April - May 2014

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Paul Ego here...

Posted by Paul Ego On the 12th March 2014 Back Paul Ego here, typing to you from Devonport, home of the NZ Navy, home of Lorde and home of me. I have a lot in common with both of these local success stories - just like the NZ Navy I tend to just sit around a lot, waiting for something to happen. And I can’t swim.

And Lorde and I could be twins – we are both from Devonport, we are both happiest when we’re on stage and we are both 17 year old girls (Ok, that’s not true… I’m actually from Avondale, I moved to Devonport in my 30s).

In other news, my Festival show Amazingballs is now written. And yes, I’m aware it makes me sound like a very dodgy circus performer – “Cast your eyes ladies and gentlemen to the Vaseline Pit, it’s the one and only Amazingballs!”.

I can assure Festival audiences though that mine are just ‘ok’ rather than ‘amazing’. Plus I have no budget for a pit anyway. So if you’re expecting to be testicularly blown away at my show, I’m sorry, that’s unlikely.

I can promise you though that Amazingballs will feature me being more skux than I’ve ever been before, which is really saying something.

And if that’s not enough of a draw-card, Lorde has promised to sing my show theme song live each night. And if she can’t because I haven’t asked her and was lying just then I’m sure the NZ Navy’s available.

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