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April - May 2014

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Safety in Numbers by Hayley Sproull and Chris Parker

Posted by Hayley Sproull and Chris Parker On the 18th April 2014 Back Chris and I have literally been living together, sleeping together, working together, eating together, harmonizing together... that’s what happens when one half of the duo lives in Wellington and the other half lives in Auckland. There is no opportunity for time apart – if we’re in the same city, it means that one of us is staying at the other person’s house and eating their food and using their toothpaste. And their roll on.

In a festival largely populated with solo artists, it is our pleasure to be part of a duo. It comes with many positives. Some negatives. And we thought we would share some of those with you.

The Personal Bubble

When you begin making a show by having a photo shoot under boiling hot lights in your underwear, smashing your sweaty junk together and breathing into the nape of each other’s necks, the contract is pretty clear from the beginning. There comes a point in those moments, however, that the feeling of peeling off each other becomes old. Quick.

The Bad Influence

When one person wants FroYo, the other person has FroYo too. If one person wants a 2 hour lunch, they both take a 2 hour lunch. When one person wants double dinner, they both eat double dinner. So when one person gains 5kgs… so does the other.

The Power of Two

Do you know what sounds better than Chris Parker singing a ballad? Hayley Sproull harmonizing over the top. Do you know what looks better than Hayley jeté –ing across the stage? Chris Parker catching her in perfect turn out. Do you know what sounds better than Chris Parker talking to a wall? Chris Parker talking to Hayley Sproull.

It’s simple really. Half the work, twice the dance moves.

The Safety Net

Part of what makes a performer nervous before going on stage is the fear that they are going to fuck it right up. But with two people, that fear is less. Before we go on stage, we each take a corner, fart, meet in the safe middle area, hug and say ‘If you stuff up, I’ll sort it out’.


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