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April - May 2014

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Two and a Half Asian Men

Ben Cleland, Julia Holden & Jimmy Guan



According to New Zealand Census Projections, the Asian population is fast overtaking Maori to become the second largest ethnic group in New Zealand. And according to Asian expat Jimmy Guan, half of them live on Queen St. However you look at it, Asian people with their funny haircuts are going to become an integral part of our lives. But what’s their opinion?

2013 Raw Comedy Finalists Ben Cleland and Jimmy Guan, along with semi finalist Julia Holden, bring you an hour of important information about our relations with those kung fu fighting, rice-eating people from the East. Two and a Half Asian Men is our take on cultural diversity, societal expectations and alienation (legal alienation, Jimmy swears). Two and a Half Asian Men promises a night of hilarity, discovery and a good-humoured challenge to stereotypes. It is a show about how, no matter how different we are, we're all the same on the inside - and if we're Asian, all the same on the outside as well.

Growing up in China, Jimmy used to ask the Buddhist monks all the big questions in life…they were very patient. Jimmy takes you on a journey with unexpected twists and turns with his dry and unconventional comedy style.

When Ben was a kid, his Malaysian mother would always tell him that he should eat all his vegetables because people were starving back in Malaysia. He never thought he'd become a student and actually be starving. Ben delivers likeable, blokesy humour as he talks about life from the perspective of a half-caste.

Julia is not Asian. To be honest, she's a little bit confused about how she wound up in a show about Asian people in the first place (just like when she’s on Queen St). Overflowing with desperate enthusiasm, Julia will bring her own unique brand of cringe to the stage with her angelic look that is in stark contrast to her devilish humour.

[Jimmy] “I am not sure if he has figured out why he is funny yet, but he is.” -

[Ben] “…a cracker! Comedy potential-plus here.” -


Showing In:



Wed 14 - Sat 17 May, 10pm


Luna at Q Theatre, Auckland


Adults $18.00
Conc. $15.00
Groups 5+ $15.00* service fees may apply


09 309 9771

Show Duration:

1 hour

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