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April - May 2014

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The New Zealand Comedy Trust was established in 1995 to devise and manage an annual Comedy Festival and to foster the growth of comedy as a performing art in New Zealand. The Trust has the following set of aims:

  • Improve the standard of New Zealand comedy by supporting performers, producers and venues;
  • Provide New Zealand audiences with access to a diverse range of high quality live comedy;
  • Develop new comedy audiences through innovative marketing that extends our current audiences;
  • Reflect New Zealand’s multi-culturalism and celebrate what makes us laugh as a diverse nation;
  • Encourage innovation in the development of the comedy in New Zealand;
  • Encourage overseas promoters to see New Zealand as an important stop on international tours;

The Trust is a not-for-profit, registered charity that oversees the NZ International Comedy Festival, a proactive, supportive umbrella Festival where New Zealand comedians and comedy audiences are fostered and developed.

Throughout the year the Trust also provides infrastructure and support to the comedy and wider arts industries. We have an open door policy; performers and producers are able to use our facilities, and we are available for advice and guidance. We not only support the artists with their creative endeavors, but also actively support the producers, venues, and production staff who are associated with and involved in the creation of quality work. 

As the Festival grows, so to does the opportunity to celebrate the development and excellence of Festival participants and the New Zealand Comedy Industry as a whole. The New Zealand Comedy Trust supports & rewards excellence within the comedy industry through the following awards and grants:

Festival Awards
Announced at Last Laughs on the last Sunday of the Festival, these awards include Best Marketing Campaign, Spirit of the Festival, Best International Show, and Best Newcomer.

Billy T Award
Also announced at Last Laughs, this award recognizes exceptional potential in an up-and-coming New Zealand comedian.

Fred Award
Also announced at Last Laughs, this award rewards the Best New Zealand show within the Festival.

Creative Comedy Initiative
This grant encourages, develops & supports performers in the creation of new, innovative and visionary performances that push the boundaries of the traditional comedy genre.

If you are wanting to donate or have any questions please get in touch with Jed Misa -

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