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April - May 2014

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Nolston Entertainment Planet Earth Presents 

Kade Nightingale & Jeremy Rolston

Don't Panic!



The hazardous boys who bought you the critically acclaimed show PANIC! are back with their brand new show Don’t PANIC! (how bloody original).

The show is going to be packed full of laughs, magic and a sweet story about a bird named Paul, who was found on the ground in Wellington.

If you thought the dancing was good last time, wait until you see this show.

Bring your mum along.

“These two young men have the potential to go far. I highly recommend seeing it for an evening of richly gratifying liveliness and fun” –



Showing In:

Auckland Wellington


Tue 13 - Sat 17 May, 6.30pm


BATS Theatre, Wellington


Adults $18.00
Conc. $16.00
Groups 6+ $14.00* service fees may apply


04 802 4175

Show Duration:

1 hour

Critics Review

Robbie Ellis -'Don't Panic is an hour of tempered silliness with inherent glee that is nothing if not infectious.'open/close
For such young performers (early 20s, if I had to guess), they prod yet keep comfortable a wide variety of punters with an ease and respect that more experienced pros often lack.

A big element of the whole presentation is magic: card tricks and object work show Jeremy Rolston's skills in particular, wowing the audience participants in the process. It's not elaborate or flashy, instead his deftly understated but obvious skill suits the cosy venue.

Kade Nightingale's physicality is something to behold: this excited, clean-cut, tall, gangly guy has energy to burn, but also no small amount of dance finesse to focus it. And there's no way I'm not mentioning that, around the two-thirds mark, there is one of the most elaborate and original pun setups I've witnessed in a long time. I'm still laughing at the memory ten minutes later...

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