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Creative Comedy Project Grant

The aim of the Creative Comedy Project Grant (formally the Creative Comedy Initiative) is to encourage, develop and support established New Zealand performers who want to create new, innovative and visionary comedy performances that push the boundaries of the traditional comedy genre.

The grant aims to assist the development of comedy as an art form, extend and diversify performer’s skills, inspire and surprise audiences, and encourage performers to utilise the experience and knowledge of arts practitioners from the wider performing arts industry. Each year, the Creative Comedy Project Grant supports a new work or works from established performers (or collective of performers) in the realisation of their show concepts, through a development grant and additional marketing, publicity and production support.

"Command Performance was a show that had existed inside my head for 15 years. The Creative Comedy Initiative allowed me to actually put it on stage. And it made the show much better than I could ever have envisaged it. The Creative Comedy Initiative helped to make Command Performance the show that I am most proudest of" - Greg Ellis, 2012 Creative Comedy Initiative Recipient

The Creative Comedy Project Grant was initially funded through the ART Venture programme and ASB Community Trust, and is now funded by the New Zealand Comedy Trust. 


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Creative Comedy Project Grant Recipients

2011 Steve Wrigley for 'Kevin The Musical'
2011 Jamie Bowen for 'Munfred Bernstein's Cabinet of Wonder'
2012 Irene Pink & Justine Smith for 'The Pitch'
2012 Greg Ellis for 'Command Performance'
2012 Joseph Moore and Nic Sampson for 'Bombs Away!'
2013 Alan McElroy & Vaughan King for 'One Bucket, Two Comedians'
2013 Nick Rado for 'Funniest Joke In The World'
2014 Jackie Van Beek & Jon Brugh for 'FlashDunce'
2015 Chris Parker for 'No More Dancing In The Good Room'
2015 Rose Matafeo for 'Finally Dead'
2016 Eli Matthewson for 'Disney Prince Reimagined As A Comedy Legend!'

Laura Daniel & Joseph Moore for 'Two Hearts: Auckland World Tour'


Sarah Harpur for 'Dead Dads Club'