Amanda Kennedy


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Amanda Kennedy is visibly white trash. Finally, in 2021, she has the capacity to address it.

Following consecutive sold-out seasons as half of The Fan Brigade, Bumbshell is a show about coming from a long line of white trash in West Auckland, and what life looks like for an Anxious dealing with the consequences of her actions (and those of her family). 

She is a hot load of garbage with the credentials to prove it. A brutally honest, blunt, smart and hilarious stand-up performance.

Amanda has appeared on on Funny As, the Best Foods Comedy Gala, 7 Days, The Project, Breakfast, and AotearoHa. As part of The Fan Brigade she has been awarded Director's Choice, Best Newcomer, Best Gag, and nominated for Best Female Comedian and Comic Originality in the NZ International Comedy Festival and NZ Comedy Guild Awards.

Brilliantly bawdy, fabulously facetious and exceedingly entertaining" – Appetite for the Arts

Facebook - Amanda Kennedy

Twitter - @ahhmandah

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Ticket prices

Tue - Thu $20
Fri & Sat $25

*service fee may apply


55 mins.

Wheelchair accessible

Frequent coarse language
Adult themes

R18, unless with their parent or legal guardian. Strictly enforced.

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