Jamaine Ross


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Jamaine Ross is a Māori comedian with a lot to say, but he can’t say much of it in Te Reo Māori.

So… does that make him Māori at all? No need to answer that question, because if you come to the show, Jamaine will answer it for you, plus a couple of others like; was colonisation really that bad? Was Māui a flat-earther? And does Jamaine own an electric car? The answer is yes to all of them.

“Hilariously funny, very intelligent and accessible” - The Ruminator

(BTW, Kotahi Rau is 100 in Te Reo Māori in case you were wondering what the show title meant.)


To keep this event accessible to all, Jamaine Ross is offering $10 tickets for low income earners. There are no barriers or boxes you have to tick to get these tickets – just choose “Low Income Earner” at the checkout. If you can afford the full price, please leave the Low Income Earner tickets for those they’ll help the most.

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