Pamela Hancock and Apple Box Brand Presents

Pamela Hancock


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“Be sure to catch rural New Zealand’s answer to Dame Edna in Hello Darlings!”
Art Murmurs

Come over for a cuppa with your favourite Aunty from Bulls, Mrs Pamela Hancock!

A night in front of the box was planned with her husband Trevor, but when he decides to go to the pub, Pam wonders if she could do better. . . will she be 007's next lover? Will she travel on a cruise? Will she win the Wimbledon plate? It’s a life so ordinary it’s extraordinary - it’s Pamela Hancock’s debut show “Hello Darlings! With Pamela Hancock”.


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  • Wellington Shows

Ticket prices

Full Price $22
Concession $18
Group 6+ $20
The Difference $40

*service fee may apply


1 hour.

Wheelchair access on request

Occasional Bad Language
Adult Themes


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