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After 3 years Rhys Mathewson is back. A brand new show jam packed with jokes, jokes and more jokes.

It definitely won't contain any of those feelings that we all have inside us but we don't let out in the middle of Countdown because all the other people buying corn chips or whatever would think we're insane.  

As seen on the Best Foods Christmas Comedy Gala, 7 Days and The Project


Winner  Best Newcomer 2009, NZICF 
Winner  Billy T Award 2010, NZICF 
Winner  Fred Award for Best NZ Show 2016, NZICF 
Winner – Best Show 2016 & 2017, NZ Comedy Guild
Director’s Choice 2018, NZICF 


The Saturday 8 May performance of Heartless Joke Machine will be translated into NZ Sign Language by Platform Interpreting NZ. Check out our Access and Inclusion page for more information. Please email or phone 09 309 9241 for any further assistance.

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The Classic

Ticket prices

Wed & Thu $22
Wed & Thu - Table for 2 $44
Wed & Thu - Table for 4 $80
Wed & Thu - Table for 6 $115
Fri & Sat $26
Fri & Sat - Table of 2 $52
Fri & Sat - Table of 4 $95
Fri & Sat - Table of 6 $140

*service fee may apply


1 hour.

Wheelchair accessible

Frequent coarse language
Adult themes


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