Urzila Carlson


One of New Zealand’s biggest names in comedy, the award-winning Urzila Carlson, returns to Auckland with her sold out show from 2020, All The Rage

Commenting on the show, Urzila says “The world is getting hotter and we are getting hotter under the collar. I can’t remember a time in history when we as a people were ever as angry as we are now. We have apps to help us meditate, watches that tell us how long and restful we slept, we do yoga and Pilates, we stretch and think about things more and yet we are FURIOUS, we are limber and fit and RAGING OUR TITS OFF!
“What’s getting our rage up? Why can’t we shake the fury? I have managed to crack it and I know why we are so angry. Think of me as the Greta of your Hottest Emotions. We’ll get to the bottom of your rage and why we need it to function in today’s world.”

All the Rage arrives hot on the heels of Urzila’s Netflix debut solo full hour Netflix special, Overqualified Loser.

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Ticket prices

Full Price $39.90

*service fee may apply


1 hour.

Wheelchair accessible

May contain colourful language and adult themes.

Recommended 16+

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