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Bec Sandys


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It’s been 20 years since a little bug threatened the way the world could function - and if it wasn’t for a box of mementos stored by her Grandma, Bec Sandys would be finding it hard to remember anything of what her 23 year old self was doing in preparation for Y2K.

This show is a roller coaster ride of mystery with twists and turns even she didn’t see coming. So ask yourself this question - are you Y2K ready?! Come see Bec in her Comedy Fest solo-show debut!

“One of the funniest comics in New Zealand” - Urzila Carlson, NZ comedian

Nominee - Breakthrough Comedian (South Island) 2019, NZ Comedy Guild Awards

Nominee - Outstanding Contribution to Comedy Industry 2019, NZ Comedy Guild Awards

As seen on The Project.

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