29 Apr 2020

2020 NZ Intl. Comedy Festival Merch

2020 NZ Intl. Comedy Festival Merch

Each year the NZICF does a run of limited edition t-shirts for our comedians and venue staff. In the past, we've had some of our most diehard Comedy Fest fans come to us trying to get their hands on one of these elusive collector's items, sadly the answer has always been no - we're a small team and haven't had the capability to mass-produce our tees for the public - until now!

We're teaming up with the awesome peeps at The Print Room to offer not one, but TWO, limited edition tees for the Comedy Festival that never happened. We're stoked to be partnering with The Print Room through their Keep a Good Thing Going initiative. They're taking care of all the logistics around the order process while passing on 100% of the profits to the NZICF. That's right, you can snag an awesome t-shirt, tote or pair of socks AND help out the NZICF while you're at it!

Check out the designs below, then head over to The Print Room website and get your order in now, they've got all the details and awesome customer service, so we know you'll be in safe hands.



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