11 Apr 2019

Local and International Comedian reviews

Local and International Comedian reviews

We’re proud as punch to bring you a sweet selection of comedic talent this year, top comedians from all across the globe are gathered here in Auckland and Wellington until the end of May.

Red hot reviews are streaming in for our international visitors and loveable locals, so if you were sitting on the fence about which shows to choose, allow these kind words from critical people to convince you to jump on board.

James Nokise

"Nokise skillfully navigates his way through a spectrum of subjects in a succinct and eloquent way" - Keeping Up With NZ

Kura Forrester

"I love me a bit of comedy that manages to send the audience off with nuggets of insight and beauty as well as sore abs" - Theatreview

Brynley Stent

"delivers one of the festival's most surprising but ingenious shows" - NZ Herald

Tom Sainsbury

"delivering his "Fanburys" a disparate smorgasbord of everything they have come to love" - NZ Herald

James Mustapic

"Self-deprecation is probably the surest route to success for a stand-up comic, Mustapic’s demonstrations of this are masterful" - Theatreview

Ray Shipley

"Hilarious and honest sharing of titbits from Shipley’s life" - Art Murmurs

Paul Sinha

"Sinha provides a charming and witty hour of comedy" - Keeping Up With NZ

James Acaster

"An absolute riot. It is one of the best hours of comedy I have ever seen" - The Speakeasy

Nick Gibb

"His excellent blend of comedy, self-reflection and stories left us with contagious laughter and is definitely a show worth checking out this comedy festival" - The Speakeasy

Mournmoor Murders

"A sparkling display of comic skills from two exceptional performers" - Theatreview

Chris Parker

"He is a professional; the kind of comedian whose show you'll talk about for weeks, even months, to come" - Stuff

Frickin Dangerous Bro

"A Frickin Dangerous Bro show feels like you're at a party with some hilarious friends, one of those moments where you find yourself thinking: "I would pay to hear these guys talk" - Stuff

Urzila Carlson

"This show is one of the must-see’s of the 2019 NZ International Comedy Festival Show"  - The Speakeasy

Eli Matthewson

"This show is an absolute masterpiece, equal parts fascinating and hilarious, and wonderfully introspective" - The Speakeasy

Hamish Parkinson

"He’s the kind of comedian who can make a one-word line side-splittingly hilarious" - Up Your Arts

Uther Dean

"Dean has the potential to be a break out comedic star" - Andrewwhiteside.com 

Alice Snedden

"A highly entertaining level of detail, it is wonderfully constructed and ties perfectly together at the end" - The Speakeasy

Phil Nichol

"Nichol is the consummate entertainer in a league of his own – an absolute must-see for all comedy lovers" - Appetite For The Arts

Brendon Green

"It is a show that evolves from a set that is clever but casual, into something genuinely touching and profound" - The Speakeasy

Li'i Alaimoana

"His voice sweeps over raunchy lines of comedic songs, the lyrics are bawdy, witty and hilarious" - Art Murmurs

Jimmy McGhie

"His style is accessible, his material relatable, and he’s just so damn charming, Jimmy McGhie is absolutely hilarious" - The Speakeasy

Rhys Nicholson

"Nicholson is probably the most quick-fire, energetic comedian you will ever witness" - NZ Herald

Alan McElroy

"a very enjoyable hour of comedy, which is fantastically relatable" - The Speakeasy

Barnie Duncan

"Witty as it is commanding, amusing as it is poignant; Barnie Duncan exquisitely takes comedy to a whole other level. Tap Head is not only out of the box, it is completely unmissable"


"There are enough puns, over-the-top costumes and sly references here to sustain hours of laughter" - NZ Herald