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April - May 2015

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James Nokise James Nokise Big Words The Basement 07:00 pm Ding! Ding! Your Comedy Is Served Musgrove Studio 07:00 pm One Man Breaking Bad One Man Breaking Bad One Man Breaking Bad - The Unauthorised Parody Herald Theatre 7:00 PM Carl Donnelly Carl Donnelly Back with a new show The Classic 7:00 PM great review Guy Montgomery Guy Montgomery Guy Montcomedy Montecristo - Downstairs 7:00 PM Paul Ego Paul Ego PHENOMENUTS Rangatira at Q Theatre 7:00 PM Paco Erhard Paco Erhard Worst. German. Ever. Vault at Q Theatre 07:15 pm Paul Amos Paul Amos piecesandbits Cellar at Q Theatre 07:15pm Wilson Dixon Wilson Dixon For The First Time Again Montecristo - Upstairs 07:15pm selling fast Nish Kumar Nish Kumar NZ Debut The Classic Studio 7:15 PM Chris Parker Chris Parker No More Dancing in the Good Room The Basement Studio 7:15 PM Tom Binns in Tom Binns in Ian D. Montfort vs. Ivan Brackenbury Loft at Q Theatre 7:15 PM Sex, Lies and Improvise Sex, Lies and Improvise Sex, Lies and Improvise The Horse and Trap 8:00 PM Tim Batt Tim Batt Tim Batt Explores The Human Experience Montecristo - Downstairs 8:15 pm Ferris Wheel Ferris Wheel Revolutionary Laughter Musgrove Studio 8:30 PM Guy Williams Guy Williams You Can Sense The Desperation Montecristo - Upstairs 08:30pm Jamie Bowen Jamie Bowen Head Goes Bang The Basement 8:30 PM The Big Show 2015 The Big Show 2015 The Big Show 2015 - An International Comedy Showcase Comedy Chamber 8:30 PM selling fast Craig Campbell's Craig Campbell's Thrilling Mic Hunt The Classic 8:30 PM James Roque James Roque Paper, Scissors, Roque The Basement Studio 08:45pm Sam Smith Sam Smith Laughing Gas Cellar at Q Theatre 08:45pm David Quirk David Quirk Shaking Hands With Danger Vault at Q Theatre 8:45 PM Markus Birdman Markus Birdman Grimm Realities The Classic Studio 8:45 PM great review Steve Wrigley Steve Wrigley Steve Wrigley vs. America Loft at Q Theatre 8:45 PM Ed Byrne Ed Byrne Roaring Forties Rangatira at Q Theatre 09:00pm selling fast Joseph Moore Joseph Moore 1989 Montecristo - Downstairs 9:30 PM great review Brendon Green Brendon Green It's Not Easy Being Brendon Montecristo - Upstairs 09:45pm Force Norman Force Norman Nick Gibb & Rhys Mathewson The Basement 10:00 pm Unusual Suspects Unusual Suspects Brendan Kelly, Kate Han & Neal Morshead Cellar at Q Theatre 10:00 pm Laura & Tom Laura & Tom Snap, Crackle, Pop The Basement Studio 10:00 pm Big Wednesday - Festival Edition Big Wednesday - Festival Edition Late & Live at the Classic The Classic 10:00 PM Will Wood Will Wood Honesty Box Vault at Q Theatre 10:00 PM Ben Hurley & Guests Ben Hurley & Guests Ben Defend New Zealand Loft at Q Theatre 10:00 PM Montecristo Late Night Shows Montecristo Late Night Shows Featuring the Montecristo Comedians Montecristo 10:45 pm

Tim Batt - 2015 Billy T Award Nominee

From the desk of...

posted by James Nokise on the 5th May 2015

James Nokise - Having fun with Big Words & fun sayings

My show in this years Festival has been wonderfully fun to make, partly because of all the travel (OZ, USA, the Pacific) but also because I love language, and the little quirks that always pop up.



The Finalists for the 20th Anniversary of the RAW Comedy Quest

After 2 months of heats in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch involving upwards of 200 contestants a final short list of 11 rookies has been settled on for the Grand Final on Sat May 16th at Q Theatre in Auckland.

In alphabetical order the Grand Finalists are...



Des Bishop - Special Performance in Mandarin

Bishop makes the art of stand-up comedy look effortless.

Simon Howard - Theatre View - 5 May 2015