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April - May 2015

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James Nokise James Nokise Big Words The Basement 07:00 pm Ding! Ding! Your Comedy Is Served Musgrove Studio 07:00 pm One Man Breaking Bad One Man Breaking Bad One Man Breaking Bad - The Unauthorised Parody Herald Theatre 7:00 PM Carl Donnelly Carl Donnelly Back with a new show The Classic 7:00 PM great review Guy Montgomery Guy Montgomery Guy Montcomedy Montecristo - Downstairs 7:00 PM Paul Ego Paul Ego PHENOMENUTS Rangatira at Q Theatre 7:00 PM Paco Erhard Paco Erhard Worst. German. Ever. Vault at Q Theatre 07:15 pm Paul Amos Paul Amos piecesandbits Cellar at Q Theatre 07:15pm Wilson Dixon Wilson Dixon For The First Time Again Montecristo - Upstairs 07:15pm selling fast Nish Kumar Nish Kumar NZ Debut The Classic Studio 7:15 PM Chris Parker Chris Parker No More Dancing in the Good Room The Basement Studio 7:15 PM great review Tom Binns in Tom Binns in Ian D. Montfort vs. Ivan Brackenbury Loft at Q Theatre 7:15 PM Sex, Lies and Improvise Sex, Lies and Improvise Sex, Lies and Improvise The Horse and Trap 8:00 PM Tim Batt Tim Batt Tim Batt Explores The Human Experience Montecristo - Downstairs 8:15 pm Ferris Wheel Ferris Wheel Revolutionary Laughter Musgrove Studio 8:30 PM Guy Williams Guy Williams You Can Sense The Desperation Montecristo - Upstairs 08:30pm Jamie Bowen Jamie Bowen Head Goes Bang The Basement 8:30 PM The Big Show 2015 The Big Show 2015 The Big Show 2015 - An International Comedy Showcase Comedy Chamber 8:30 PM selling fast Craig Campbell's Craig Campbell's Thrilling Mic Hunt The Classic 8:30 PM James Roque James Roque Paper, Scissors, Roque The Basement Studio 08:45pm Sam Smith Sam Smith Laughing Gas Cellar at Q Theatre 08:45pm David Quirk David Quirk Shaking Hands With Danger Vault at Q Theatre 8:45 PM Markus Birdman Markus Birdman Grimm Realities The Classic Studio 8:45 PM great review Steve Wrigley Steve Wrigley Steve Wrigley vs. America Loft at Q Theatre 8:45 PM Ed Byrne Ed Byrne Roaring Forties Rangatira at Q Theatre 09:00pm selling fast Joseph Moore Joseph Moore 1989 Montecristo - Downstairs 9:30 PM great review Brendon Green Brendon Green It's Not Easy Being Brendon Montecristo - Upstairs 09:45pm Force Norman Force Norman Nick Gibb & Rhys Mathewson The Basement 10:00 pm Unusual Suspects Unusual Suspects Brendan Kelly, Kate Han & Neal Morshead Cellar at Q Theatre 10:00 pm Laura & Tom Laura & Tom Snap, Crackle, Pop The Basement Studio 10:00 pm Big Wednesday - Festival Edition Big Wednesday - Festival Edition Late & Live at the Classic The Classic 10:00 PM Will Wood Will Wood Honesty Box Vault at Q Theatre 10:00 PM Ben Hurley & Guests Ben Hurley & Guests Ben Defend New Zealand Loft at Q Theatre 10:00 PM Montecristo Late Night Shows Montecristo Late Night Shows Featuring the Montecristo Comedians Montecristo 10:45 pm

Tim Batt - 2015 Billy T Award Nominee

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posted by James Nokise on the 5th May 2015

James Nokise - Having fun with Big Words & fun sayings

My show in this years Festival has been wonderfully fun to make, partly because of all the travel (OZ, USA, the Pacific) but also because I love language, and the little quirks that always pop up.



Extra Auckland show added for Wash Your Mouth Out!

Due to high demand, Wash Your Mouth Out have added an extra show to their Auckland season in Vault at Q Theatre. The extra show is on Saturday 16 May at an earlier time of 4pm.



Brendon Green

... clever and brilliantly written and performed. It's very very funny.

Courteney Peters - Gather & Hunt - 6 May 2015