Jed Parsons

A Very 'Jed Parsons' Christmas

A Very ‘Jed Parsons’ Christmas is a well polished trainwreck; a multi-media, multi-sensory s**t show that must be witnessed.

With two critically acclaimed indie-pop records under his belt, Jed Parsons has consciously fast-tracked his inevitable decline by entering the Christmas music market.

Having been laughed off the stage during previous attempts, Parsons has now tactfully categorised the show as a ‘comedy’ and will bring it to Auckland this May - just in time to beat the Christmas rush.



  • Auckland Shows

Ticket prices

Full Price: $26
Concession: $22
Group 6+: $21
Cheap Wednesday: $20

*service fee may apply


1 hour.

May contain colourful language and adult themes