The Push presents

Jamaine Ross


Hardout. Hardout to the Max. Double Hardout to the Triple Max. These are all synonyms for 'Hundies' - Jamaine Ross' new show. To be honest, he's not really a 'Hundies' kind of guy. He's actually pretty chill. But in this show, he promises to metaphorically 'Go Hundies' for you on a range of topics ‚ classism, racism, Countdown rebranding to Woolworths. All the important stuff. Oh yeah, he was also nominated for the Fred Award last year for best show, so he's actually quite good at it.

Fred Award nominee 2023, NZICF
Billy T Award nominee 2014, NZICF
Fred Award nominee with Frickin Dangerous Bro 2018, NZICF


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Ticket prices

Full Price: $30
Concession: $25
Unwaged: $15
Cheap Wednesday: $25

*service fee may apply


1 hour.

Wheelchair accessible

May contain colourful language and adult themes

Recommended 15+