Abby Howells & Angella Dravid

The Improfessionals

When Abby and Angella are kicked out of their Improv troupe for being "bad" they decide to start their own Improv troupe, The Improfessionals, the greatest and most professional Improv/Stand up comedy troupe the world has ever seen.

This is their first performance. Come and experience the magic, the improv, the stand up, and most of all, the professionalism.

Starring Billy T winner Abby Howells, Billy T winner Angella Dravid and directed by Billy T winner Hamish Parkinson. So come with unrealistically high expectations.




  • Auckland Shows

Ticket prices

Price Range: $26 - $30

*service fee may apply



Wheelchair accessible

May contain colourful language and adult themes
Occasional bad language

Recommended 13+