Tony Lyall

Lower The Tone

An award winning comedian once told me that every show they had made that had their name as a pun in the title had won an award.

So here I am, putting my name as a pun in the title of a show in a shameless attempt to create a show that wins some sort of comedy award.

If you like comedy shows that will win awards, then this is the show for you. It's time to Lower The Tone.
As featured on 7 Days, Comedy Gala, Radio Hauraki and The Alternative Commentary Collective. (Also The Project - R.I.P)



  • Auckland Shows

Ticket prices

Price Range: $23 - $26

*service fee may apply



No wheelchair access

May contain colourful language and adult themes
Occasional bad language
Adult themes

R18 venue - unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian