Parrotdog Brewery

Nestled a block back from the dunes of Wellington’s iconic Lyall Bay, Parrotdog Bar takes us back to a simpler time. Inspired by the great pubs and taverns of yesteryear, you’ll find cozy booths, a pool table with views of the brewery, and at the heart, a traditional-style bar with 17 revolving taps showcasing the brewery’s core-range, ReinCanation series and L.B (Lyall Bay) Beer series.

Parrotdog Bar and Brewery is only a stone’s throw from Wellington Airport making it the perfect spot for a cold one before or after a flight.

Walk ins only.

Parrotdog Brewery

Where to find us

60/66 Kingsford Smith Street
Lyall Bay

(04) 384 8077

Wed, Thu, Sun 11am - 9pm
Fri, Sat 11am - 10pm